Nicola Coe 

Nicola Coe - Goose egg decorated with oak gall ink
Nr Woodbridge, 
Nicola Coe is an artist who works with and within nature. 
Her subject matter are the landscapes she comes into daily contact with and the souvenirs of nature she finds within them. 
She uses a combination of medium and process involving walking and foraging whilst using the most natural and environmentally conscious mediums she can find, such as making natural inks and working with paper and the elements to create her artworks.The collecting of natural finds is key to her visual work, and the resulting sculptures she creates come about from the influences of the landscapes where the objects are found, and the memories they evoke. 
Her studio is surrounded by a landscape which she walks in regularly to forage for feathers, leaves, oak galls and inspiration. Working in tune with the seasons is particularly important, and her subjects often change with those natural finds available at the time of year present. 
"I have a deep love of nature and fear how much of our natural world we are losing... 
I have found a way to make art that feels authentic to those beliefs ." 
Nicola Coe 2020 
Nicola Coe - Family ties
Nicola Coe - Tiny imagined nest
Nicola Coe - Cocoon
Nicola Coe
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