Susie Bruce 

Susie Bruce - Bone China Paper Clay Bowl
Susie is fascinated by the way clay changes as it is manipulated and makes use of the point at which clay slabs will collapse and bend if they are not left to firm up enough before assembling. Her handbuilt pots are made from porcelain clay often including gold lustre applied as a third firing.  
The range includes bowls, dishes, teapots, and jugs.The pieces are made from flat slabs of clay often with a textured surface. The textures are obtained by using old lace, nylon netting, fruit bags, tops of toothpaste tubes, and other odd bits and pieces. 
The joins are highlighted by extruded clay coils and swirls. A blue wash is applied to the bisque fired surface to enhance the texture. Selected areas are glazed with a rich blue shiny glaze or on green pots lilac and green ceramic colours are used. 
Susan is the author of the book 'The art of Hand built Ceramics'. She is a professional member of the Craft Potters Association. 
Susie Bruce - Porcelain Dish
Susie Bruce - Two Tiny Teapots
Susie Bruce - Ceramics
Susie Bruce - Ceramics
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