Moira Goodall 

Moira Goodall - large moon jar
Moira Goodall creates individual handmade contemporary vessels inspired by coastal form, colour and light of the river and salt marshes that her studio overlooks. Moira is also fascinated by alternative firing methods and she combines contemporary styling with the ancient technique of sawdust and smoke firing. 
Each vessel is hand built in flattened coils; pale coloured slips reflecting the soft tones of the marshes are applied and the pots are then burnished to create a satin sheen. Marks and textures are sometimes applied using found items from the beach and marshes. 
No glaze is used - after bisque firing and the application of masks, the vessels receive a secondary firing in sawdust. 
The masking sets the design by governing the extent to which areas of the work are affected by the fire. The weather, type and position of the fuel, the intensity of the fire and the way in which the pots are positioned combine to produce the final effect. No matter how prepared, this ancient technique draws a wild and unpredictable factor into the process, and Moira’s aim is to create a balance between the random, spontaneous element and the intended design. 
Moira has since spent many years developing her own methods, bringing a contemporary eye to a decorative technique as old as pottery itself. 
Moira Goodall - moon jar
Moira Goodall - open bowl
Moira Goodall - tall moon jar
Moira Goodall - wa-nari bowl
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