Rebecca Rowland-Chandler 

Rebecca Rowland-Chandler - Minsmere, Anglian Collection
Rebecca Rowland-Chandler creates objects of beauty that allude to the natural world, 
researching structural and decorative elements that combine the organic with the geometric. 
The Icelandic Collection focuses on Iceland’s otherworldly and elemental landscape, vivid, 
jewel-like colours, and dynamic contrasts. The Anglia Collection celebrates the beauty, colour, and light of British spring and summertime. Translating the landscape into glass, Rebecca is drawn to the medium's unique materiality and fluidity. She creates rich textural surfaces meticulously arranging frits to build up shade, colour, and tone, like a painter forming a painting, focusing on colour, layering, abstraction, and mark-making. 
Rebecca is a graduate from University for the Creative Arts Farnham and currently works from her home studio in North East London. She is connected to Suffolk through her holiday home in Dunwich in which she has regularly stayed for the past twelve years, and that the Suffolk landscape is a continuous source of inspiration. She has works showcased at the Pyramid Gallery, York, Chalk’s Gallery, Lymington, Hampshire, and the Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, South East Wales. 
Rebecca Rowland-Chandler - Dunwich Forrest I & II, Anglian Collection
Rebecca Rowland-Chandler - Dunwich Heath, Anglian Collection
Rebecca Rowland-Chandler - Jökulsárlón, Icelandic Collection
Rebecca Rowland-Chandler - Landmannalaugar, Icelandic Collection
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