Dominic Upson 

Dominic Upson - ceramics
t. 07939 170700 | e. 
The main inspiration for my work comes from old English country and Medieval pottery. 
Simple objects that were used in day-to-day life. Designed with functionality in mind, I 
want to make pieces that are comfortable and warming to use. The decoration I use is 
simple, dark red slip lines that are banded around the pot. Or deep tonal glaze colours 
that have a nice gradient to them. 
Alongside my functional work I make rough texture clay square hand-built vases, and tea 
pots, I play with the balance of the coarse texture and the geometric square shape. As 
well, I make large thrown Korean and Japanese styles jars, I enjoy the present these large 
pieces have and try to make them as eye catching as possible. 
Dominic Upson - ceramics
Dominic Upson - ceramics
Dominic Upson - ceramics
Dominic Upson - ceramics
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