Ange Leinster 

Ange Leinster
My work grows out of my love for clay. Working with a combination of coiling and slab-building I produce evermore simplified, sculptural, stoneware pieces inspired by the lives of people I meet and the landscape. 
Over the years I have balanced studio work with workshops and lecturing, bringing them together as Associate Artist for firstsite a time which included starting the Prayer Pebbles project. 
I see my pieces as coming from nature and returning to nature which is what has led me to my most recent work in which I have been collecting pebbles from the beaches of Suffolk, drawing them, studying them and looking to discipline my building techniques by replicating them. My aim is to convey their form and the wonder and excitement of finding them. 
Whether creating a wall hanging, tile or sculpture spontaneity is an important factor, working with loose sketches I respond to the clay as I build and the surface decoration is an instinctive process using slips and oxides and scoring into the clay using a sgraffito technique. 
I am inspired by the simplicity of Japanese and Korean ceramics and their ability to demonstrate beauty within imperfection with the juxtaposition of traditional and modern simplicity. 
Ange Leinster Ceramics
Ange Leinster Conversation
Ange Leinster Sleeping Head
Ange Leinster Sleeping Pebble
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